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The Tunnell Farmhouse

Home to us. Home to you.

phone 252-926-1391


Your accommodations have gone through several changes in its lifetime.

The Tunnell Farmhouse started out as the home of Isaiah and Eleanor Credle, where they raised their six children in the early 1900s.Purchased by Gilbert Bernard "Gib" and Iberia Roach Tunnell in 1966, they used the house as a hunting lodge for several years.

They entertained friends and guests there until his death in 1969. It was known as The Seagull.

In 1975, Dick and Sandra Tunnell began their married life in the lodge. They came to Swan Quarter, fresh out of college to take over the family farm. They raised two children, Jamie Vivian and David Gilbert, and the house experienced two major remodeling jobs to accommodate their growing family during the 30 years that they lived there. The house survived Hurricane Dennis and Floyd in 1999 and many other hurricanes before, although other parts of the county suffered from the high winds and floodwater.

In 2003, Dick’s mother passed away that March. In September, Hurricane Isabel flooded the Tunnell home and Dick and Sandra then moved into her home across the street. They have since remodeled that house, making it their own, and decided to start another chapter of their life together in the house where Dick was raised.

The Tunnell Farmhouse is now remodeled and is beginning its life as B&B.We hope you enjoy.